Terms and conditions

General Rental Terms

DRIVER AGE: For categories A, B, C the minimum age is 21 years and for all other categories 25 years.
PAYMENT METHOD: For all categories, the customer must present a credit card accepted by Advantage to cover the amounts relating to the guarantee and the payment of the rental costs.
DRIVING LICENSE: The driver must hold a permit for at least one year.
WARRANTY: For rentals in Greece, a guarantee amount will be reserved on the driver’s credit card, which will be refunded at the end of the rental, provided that no other charges arise. The release may take up to 14 days depending of the bank of the credit card. The amount of the warranty varies by car category. More specifically:
• A, B, C: € 750
• For all other categories € 900
TRAFFIC FINES: All fines resulting from the driver’s fault are fully borne by the renter.
SAFETY: All car drivers are insured with third party liability for death, personal injury and property damage.
CDW-SCDW: Liability of the renter for damage to the rental vehicle may be restricted, provided the Greek traffic Law is not violated, to the minimum charge of € 750 for categories A, B, C and € 900 for the other categories. Do not cover damage to the underside of the car, wheels and tires.
The renter can limit his liability even more (SCDW) by charging € 12 per day for categories A, B, C and € 15 for the other categories.
THEFT COVERAGE (TH): Theft cover is an optional service, which if accepted, the renter can limit his liability for total theft of the rented car at 1500 € for categories A, B, C and 2000 € for the other categories, paying the € 5 and € 7 respectively per day of rental.
DRIVER AND PASSENGER COVERAGE: Offered against € 5 per day and covers: Compensation in case of death, Total / partial disability up to € 70,000 for the driver and up to € 12,000 for each passenger.
ACCIDENT FILE EXPENSES: The driver is charged € 20 in the event of an accident by his fault. This amount is not refundable.
FUEL POLICY: The driver gets the vehicle with the gasoline that is in the tank and is due to return it with the same amount. If this is less than the one received, then the “Fuel Cash Service” service will be charged.
CAR CHANGES: The company reserves the right, depending on availability, to provide a different type of car than the original one with a corresponding or larger category.
COLLECTION-DELIVERY: Any pick-up / delivery which does not take place at the Advantage Office is charged € 15 within the city. Outside the city, the charge will be in addition for all categories € 1.80 / km. Fee for each delivery or receipt after hours of operation € 23.
TRANSPORT BY SHIP: Only with prior written authorization of Advantage. No damage to the rental car during transportation is covered by any insurance.
ROAD HELP: 24-hour service with INTERSALONIKA. Tel. 11555

TAXES: All prices and charges listed above are subject to a 24% VAT